Review TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Pink), Five Stars

A previous week. I search for information on the TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Pink), so i have to tell.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Pink)

Whether you're running cycling or swimming TomTom has a range of GPS watches and accessories to help you achieve your goals. With TomTom Runner see your detailed running metrics at-a-glance to stay motivated and reach your running goals. From the Manufacturer TomTom Runner GPS Watch SEE MORE. ACHIEVE MORE. Track time distance and pace on an extra-large high resolution display. .... Read more or Check Price

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This watch replaces a Garmin 305 who died after years of use. I like the clock TomTom and I think that does a fairly good job of measuring data .. cyclists more and runner. by Paul Speyerer

Well built functional and battery lasts well. The only drawback is the charger that is a bit ' clunky by JokerfiveO

The best experience I had with the GPS running watch so far. And in a deal it's a no brainer for everyone ( random ) runners. by GL

This watch receives the GPS signal fast enough compared to other brands. It is a basic clock and easy to use that does everything you expect me to do. by Erik


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